We provide a range of services in consulting, instrument training, demonstrations and applications, method development and optimization and technical authoring for analysts, instrument manufacturers and technology companies from small, independent laboratories and academic institutions to multi-national corporations.

Labtek Consulting provides data validation and secondary review for GC-MS/GC-FID/GC-ECD, LC-DAD, LC-MS, LC-MSMS, and UV/Visible spectroscopy generated chromatographs. Our team works to verify use of accredited methodologies, and verify retention times in respect to the specific standards. We compare each sample to known libraries, and verify that the fragmentation pattern corresponds to the reported analyte. Labtek Consulting also provides follow-up analysis with one of our partner laboratories to provide confirmation.

Labtek Consulting provides similarity index analysis using statistical tools such as R, SPSS, and SAS. We provide a custom built peak picking algorithm that allows us to track the appearance of “phantom” analytes. Our team builds customized libraries for our clients to verify both standardization of products, and an additional quality control mechanism. Labtek Consulting can provide rapid identification of a change in product source, ingredient substitution, or residual trace before our client’s product makes it to market. Labtek is proud to be our client’s chromatography partner.

We provide training to "bridge the gap", bringing experience of all aspects of the customer: supplier interface from both sides, providing an insight into the needs of each. We work with the analysts who use the analytical instrumentation and also the instrument manufacturers, by providing generic, manufacturer or software specific; theoretical, hardware, software, method development, maintenance and troubleshooting training and consultancy enabling you to get the best out of your analytical systems.