Labtek Consulting specializes in helping clients "know before it goes". Our team specializes in maintaining the latest regulatory specifications and restrictions to make the export process as simple as possible. We work with the manufacturers and buyers to provide randomized sampling of each batch, with all analysis performed using our partnered ISO17025 accredited laboratories. Our team provides confidence for the buyer, and validation for the manufacturers continued business. Whether our clients are importing to the North America, South America, Europe, or inbetween, Labtek Consulting is a partner you can count on. 




Labtek Consulting works with buyers to prepare all of the necessary testing for their end clients. Our team provides customized reports with targeted analytes and limits. All reports are prepared in both Chinese and English by default, but we are proud to provide legalized translation services to provide complete transparency and ease of use. We partner with internationally recognized analytical testing laboratories to prepare all testing to the highest standards needed. Labtek Consulting also provides secondary verification with select laboratories in the United States to provide the highest level of confirmation. With Labtek Consulting, we guarantee data integrity from start to finish. 




Labtek Consulting provides manufacturers standardized reports, analysis, and testing to help get your business recognized. Our team prepares your business to export internationally. We help prepare all requirements, reports, and testing regiment to target your specific market. Our reports are accepted by buying groups internationally as sign of quality assurance. We provide randomized sampling of raw materials, and finished products, before shipping. We provide two different forms of analysis to give your product an exceptional level of validation before it ships. We help your business grow and succeed overseas.