Our Specaility


We provide a portal for clients to submit their third-party testing results. The report is then passed to one of our specialists for detailed analysis. Our team will reach out to either the client or to the original testing laboratory to determine any abnormalities with the sample. Our specialist will contact the client to access the root cause of the initial analysis, and then will work to determine the best interpretation based on the data already generated. Our clients are able to fully get the information they need to understand the underlying cause of concern, and help create an action plan to move forward.


make the data work


Labtek Consulting works with our clients to determine the most representative data from each report. Very often an analysis will generate hundreds of data points for a client, but leave the interpretition to the client themselves. Labtek consulting compares the values against international standards, and provides strategic flags that help a client understand upcoming concerns. Our team works to determine what each data point represents, and provides a detailed breakdown of targeted analytes. Labtek Consulting works with clients from individuals all of the way up to corporate and academic institutions to get the most out of their reports. We provide secondary sets of review to help clients understand their data. Our hands on approach to data analysis provides an additional set of review that is not offered by our competitors. We embrace our partnerships to help you get the most of your report.