Chromatography is one of the most essential pieces of data that a company may receive. Labtek Consulting prides itself on obtaining clean spectra for our clients, which allows clear interpretation of results. Clients may recieve spectra from third party laboratories without annotations, or raw data without interpretation, which may make data reduction difficult and time consuming. Our team can help make chromatography work for our client's needs. We work to maintain large a large spectral database to help determine structural identities, relative elution times, and common interferences present in many different analytical methods. We help our clients get the information they need when they need it. 



external quality control


We are excited to announce that Labtek Consulting is currently building a global team to assist clients with external quality assurance for upstream suppliers. We look forward to assisting clients by late 2019 with on site examination, testing, and verification of quality control procedures for third parties. If you are a company that currently provides external quality control verification, we are looking for strong partners in the field, please let us know on our contact us page.